Mull EP [10" VINYL]

from Hamish Hawk

A once-round of stumbles, fumbles and missteps courtesy of Edinburgh's least-established interpretive dancer.

1. Hubble Space Telescope
2. Snuff

3. Dashing White Sergeant
4. Fit for Oblivion

All songs performed by Hamish James Hawk (guitar, vocal) and his Homebirds. The Homebirds are: Kenny Anderson (bass, keyboard, accordion, backing vocal, percussion) and Andy Robinson (percussion, backing vocal).

Tracks 1 to 3 written by Hamish James Hawk. Track 4 written by Hamish James Hawk and Andrew Hawk.
All songs recorded by Gordon Maclean at An Tobar, Tobermory.
All songs mastered by Mike Walker in Saktouria, Crete.
Photography by Jake Threadgould.
Artwork by Midget Squid.

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Hamish Hawk Edinburgh, UK

A charismatic figure at the forefront of Scottish indie-pop, Hamish Hawk is an Edinburgh-based songwriter and frontman of the New Outfit. Deft lyricism, irresistible melodies, and an emotional range that sets him apart from his contemporaries, Hawk shapeshifts effortlessly from pop songster to lilting crooner; from masterful storyteller to wild-eyed lunatic and back again. ... more


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